Offer Managed Backup Service Powered by Ahsay

If your company is offering computer services, hosting solution, IT outsourcing, and other managed IT services to end customers, leveraging your infrastructure to make handsome profits from backup is the quickest way to boost up your recurring income. Many managed service providers (MSPs), IT solution companies, and resellers have already used Ahsay to provide online / offsite / remote / backup services or resell it directly to their customers. The global backup market will continue to grow quickly in the near future due to the fast growing rate of data. The opportunity is really heading towards online backup providers. So start making profits with Ahsay now!

Make Profits from Cloud Storage

The price of public cloud storage has become very affordable recently. With the added support of popular public cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage in Ahsay Backup Software, MSPs can now offer reliable managed backup service with cloud redundancy and demand-based pricing to your customers and earn handsome recurring income.

Huge Wholesaling / Reselling Profits

With our competitive cumulative discounted pricing based on a partner's purchase history, we have reserved great markup potential for wholesalers and resellers to earn huge reselling profits. You are able to further increase your income by providing professional value-added services to your customers, such as installation, configuration, hardware maintenance services, etc.

Earn More via Hardware Bundling

All cloud backup has become a trend, many businesses still need to deploy a backup solution in-house because of compliance, infrastructure, and other reasons. By bundling a rebranded Ahsay Backup Software with a server hardware, you are able to form a unique backup appliance to cater for the needs of these businesses. This complete backup solution allows you to make profits from both software and hardware.

Extra Incomes from Data Replication

For those customers who have deployed in-house backup appliance, you can also provide replication service to them as an additional offsite data protection for disaster recovery. With the latest Ahsay Backup Software, you can choose to host the replicated data in your own datacentre, or in the supported cloud storage. This replication service will be your extra recurring income stream.