Modules for Enhanced Protection and Scalability

Need better protection on the backed up data, or high scalability for serving more backup users? These modules are for you.

Replication Module for AhsayOBM / AhsayACB

The Replication Module for AhsayOBM / AhsayACB is for immediate replication of backed up data and backup server settings to cloud storage or to another AhsayCBS for additional protection on the backed up data. The price of Replication Module is per AhsayOBM / AhsayACB backed up device to replicate.

Close to real time replication

After data are backed up from AhsayOBM / AhsayACB to AhsayCBS backup server, replication will be triggered almost instantly.

Quickly convertible to a backup server

When a corresponding AhsayCBS backup server is down, the replication server can be quickly converted into a backup server to keep serving the backup users.

Retention policy for replicated data

If data is replicated to another AhsayCBS, retention period and restore point interval can be configured for keeping multiple replication versions.

Zero hardware investment by cloud replication

If you don't want to use another AhsayCBS as the replication receiver, cloud storage can be used as the replication destination for saving hardware and hosting investments.

Individual backup sets replication

System administrator can choose individual backup sets created on AhsayOBM / AhsayACB to replicate.

IP restriction

IP restriction can be set to prevent unwanted IPs from accessing the replication server.

Traffic limit

Traffic limit can be set for specific period of time to reserve bandwidth for other purpose.

CRC data integrity verification

Cyclic redundancy checking (CRC) can be set to run automatically for verifying the integrity of the replicated data.

Protecting many backup servers

One AhsayCBS replication server can be used for receiving data replicated from multiple backup servers.

SSL and proxy server support

Both SSL and proxy server are supported for enhancing the security and compatibility of the replication server.

Real time replication status tracking

Real time replication and receiver status can be tracked in the System Panel of AhsayCBS.

Detailed replication log

Detailed replication logs are available for troubleshooting purpose.

Redirection Module

The Redirection Module for AhsayCBS (previously known as AhsayRDR) is a high scalability module for building a farm of multiple AhsayCBS backup servers to serve a large number of backup users.

Redirecting to multiple backup servers

When AhsayCBS is configured as a redirection server, it can redirect backup users to multiple backup servers.

Single public backup server URL

User management can be simplified as all backup users on different backup servers just need to use a single URL as the backup server URL.

Duplicated user checking

When creating users, user names will be checked on all backup servers in the farm to prevent duplication.

Real time redirection status tracking

Real time redirection status can be tracked in the System Panel of AhsayCBS.

Detailed redirection log

Detailed redirection logs are available for troubleshooting purpose.