Modules for VMs, Databases and Mobile Backup

Need to backup VMs of VMware and Hyper-V? Or databases and email applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 Exchange Mailbox, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Lotus Domino / Notes? Or Windows System / System State? Or mobile devices? Use these add-on modules.

Available Add-on Modules


Cloud to cloud / cloud to localyesyes
Windows Systemyesyes
Office 365
[#Up to 2 user accounts can be backed up per AhsayACB installation]
Microsoft Exchange Server (database, mail-level, DAG backups)noyes
Microsoft Hyper-V Guest VMnoyes
Microsoft SQL Servernoyes
MySQL Databasenoyes
QNAP / Synology NASnoyes
VMware Guest VMnoyes
Windows System Statenoyes