Brand New Version 8 with

Total Office 365 Backup

In this eighth generation of Ahsay Backup Software, we have put more focus in enhancing the Office 365 backup features. The previous Office 365 Exchange Online module has been evolved into a total Office 365 backup solution, covering all types of data backups for Office 365. Besides, more languages are now supported so that more worldwide partners can be benefited by using our software to offer managed backup service to their end customers. Ahsay Universal Backup System (AhsayUBS) is now bundled with a new underlying firmware that can support more hardware drivers, making partners able to build your own branded backup appliances with more choices of hardware.

Backup everything on Office 365

Total Office 365 Backup

Ahsay v8 empowers Office 365 admin to back up everything under an Office 365 domain, including Exchange Online mailboxes, Sharepoint Online data, and all users OneDrive data with a single administrator account. Backup and restore for Office 365 can be done on an AhsayOBM client agent, or on the AhsayCBS web console. The pricing of this new Office 365 stays competitive that no other similar backup products can come close. Experience it now.

Turn your server into powerful backup machine

AhsayUBS with Upgraded Firmware

With Ahsay Universal Backup System (AhsayUBS), you can turn any bare computer into a backup appliance in just a few mintues. With Ahsay version 8, the AhsayUBS underlying firmware has been upgraded to support more hardware drivers, making you able to use a much wider range of hardware available on the market. Try it on your own hardware now!