AhsayUp Upgrade Service

AhsayCBS v7 has been totally redesigned from the ground up to provide the best cloud backup solution with changes to core functions, such as: file storage system, indexing, backup set features, cloud-file backup, cloud destination, replication, group policy, quota management, Office 365 support, system user, and branding.

As upgrading from AhsayOBS (v5, v6) to AhsayCBS v7 is a major undertaking, this service aims to help our customers and partners upgrade your existing AhsayOBS server to the latest AhsayCBS v7 released version. Leave the technical work to us, so that you can free up your valuable time for business development. As we have been regularly helping hundreds of partners performing version upgrades, our experience can definitely ensure smooth and effortless upgrade to avoid you from running into all sorts of tricky scenarios because of potential problems in your configuration.

What you get



Pre-installation check performed by one of our professional engineersyesyesyesyes
License check - verify adequate v7 CBS, client, and module licensesyesyesyesyes
Branding migration (if applicable) - you provide your v7 images and we'll build your v7 installers. Include for (1) CBS, (1) OBM, and (1) ACB installers. (Requires already branded software and valid license)nonoyesyes
Analyze collected information about your environmentyesyesyesyes
Submit discoveries to you - we'll identify any unsupported client versions, storage space requirements, or point out other specificsyesyesyesyes
Schedule upgrade - once everything is in order, we'll coordinate an acceptable datenoyesyesyes

Service (Deliverables)

Prepare installersnoyesyesyes
Perform upgrade from OBS pre-v6.27
Add-On service
Perform in-place upgrade of one Backup server (OBS v6.27 or v6.29)noyesnono
Perform in-place upgrade of one Backup server and up to one existing Replication server (OBS v6.27 or v6.29)nonoyesno
New CBS Install and configure onto one new OS (same platform)nononoyes
Transfer User Home storage data to new storage volumenononono
Post-upgrade checkupnoyesyesyes
Enable Auto-Update (AUA) for up to five ACB or OBM clients to v7nonoyesno
Enable Backupset data conversion for up to five BackupSetnonoyesno


Handled by normal Support channels based on your current Support levelyesyesyesyes


(Can be used as credit towards purchase of AhsayUp)


Valid maintenance and the correct license count are required for this Upgrade Service because our engineer will install the most updated version. If your software is out of maintenance or is earlier than Version, please mention this to our sales/support team when you place the order and we will advise necessary arrangement.


The project typically completes within 2-3 weeks, but as each upgrade situation is tailored to your environment, times can vary.


The one-time Upgrade Service is valid for two-months from our engineer's first message initiating the service.

Within this period our engineers will actively communicate with your point of contact to discuss the technical aspects and to ensure a smooth upgrade. Our engineers will communicate the stages of the project as it progresses.


  • Intermediate Upgrade (from pre-v6.27.0.0) to AhsayOBS v6.29: US$600 each
  • Include Redirector Upgrade: US$250
  • Include another in-place backup Server Upgrade: US$400 each
  • Build Sub-Admin Branding: US$300 each
  • CBS Hotfix Installation: US$50 each