Complete Small Business Backup Solution

1). Office 365 Emails / Sharepoint / OneDrive backup
2). Cloud-to-cloud / cloud-to-local backup
3). Synology / QNAP NAS backup with dedicated agent
4). VMware / Hyper-V VM backup
5). MS Exchange database and mail-level backup
6). MS SQL, MySQL databases backup

Most small businesses have simple IT infrastructure. All critical files are stored on one or a few NAS devices, with some other data stored on the cloud. Ahsay offers you an effective and affordable backup solution to centrally back up critical data to a secure offsite location to prevent data loss caused by disaster.

Backup critical data stored on NAS

With our AhsayOBM NAS backup agent, you can securely back up all data on your NAS devices. Built-in retention policy allows user to restore data to any previous version when needed.

Protect Office 365 data

Office 365 has widely adopted by many small businesses in replacing the self-hosted Exchange and Sharepoint ervers. With Ahsay, you can back up Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive securely to prevent any data loss.

Cloud-to-Cloud / Local backup

You can prevent critical data loss on your primary cloud by backing up data from their public cloud to another cloud, local storage, FTP/SFTP sites, external USB drive, or local/mapped network drives.

Host backup data in datacenter or cloud

You can host your users' backup data either on your own storage in datacenter, or on your public cloud storage account such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

How to get started

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Features empowering MSPs

Central web management

Our AhsayCBS centralized web console gives MSPs a single pane of glass for monitoring all users' backup and restore activities. Problems can be easily identified through the dashboard so that rectification actions can be taken accordingly.

Rebranding and customization

The whole Ahsay backup solution is fully rebrandable for MSPs. All logo images, wordings, backup server URL, certificate are customizable. MSP is able to build installers of branded CBS, OBM and ACB thru the AhsayCBS web console easily.

Group policy

MSP is able to hide unwanted features from the AhsayOBM / AhsayACB client agents by using Group Policy feature in AhsayCBS centralized management console.

Unlimited free trials

You can create unlimited free AhsayOBM / AhsayACB trial accounts for potential customers to try all the features and performance of your managed backup service without consuming any paid license.


Primary AhsayCBS is able to perform close to real time replication for all users' backup data and as well as its server settings to another standby machine. The replication server can have its own retention settings for additional backup data protection. Also, when the primary AhsayCBS is down, administrator is able to quick switch the replication server into a backup server to minize the downtime.


Ahsay's Redirector allows you to create a farm of AhsayCBS backup servers with just a single public URL. All AhsayOBM and AhsayACB users will only contact the Redirector, and then the Redirect will direct them to different AhsayCBS. This allows MSP to add new AhsayCBS easily without the need to change any configuration from the client side.


With AhsayCBS API, you can extract the usage data for making your own usage and billing system, or integrate Ahsay's data into your existing management system to fulfill your need.

Audit trail

The audit trail in AhsayCBS management console provides administrator a clear chronological record of the activities that happened on the backup server for troubleshooting purpose.

Affordable Pricing

We offer the most competitive perpetual pricing to fulfill your backup needs. AhsayOBM client agent includes free File, Microsoft Exchange Server Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database, Windows System, Windows Systems State backup modules. AhsayACB client agent includes free File and Windows System backup modules.

If you want to rebrand our software, just pay a low one-time rebranding option fee. Then, in conjunction with valid software maintenance, you can self rebrand the software through the AhsayCBS.

Talk to our sales to get the latest pricing info now.

Top Notch Support

Our Standard Support Service runs from 8am to 18am everyday Monday to Friday. You can contact us by "Phone" and "Ticket". If you need 24x7 support, you can subscribe to our Premium Support Service.

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