Get Served by Our Support Engineers

Our professional customer support team is dedicated to help our customers solve any problems encountered through one of the following services.
Standart SupportPremium SupportServeMeFirst Support
EligibilityValid maintenanceValid maintenance
Premium Service Fee #
Valid maintenance
€800 per case


Urgent known issue resolution2 biz days1 calendar day1 biz day
Urgent unknown issue cause identification5 biz days3 calendar days1 biz day
Non-urgent issue cause identification 8 biz days5 calendar days1 biz day
First response8 biz hours4 hours
(during Ahsay office hours *)
12 hours
(outside Ahsay office hours)
1 hour

Support Hours

Support hours10 x 5
(8am till 6pm)
24 x 710 x 5
(8am till 6pm)

Priority Escalation

Support case escalated to the 1st position in queuenoyesyes

Proactive Support

Continuous system monitoringnoyesno
Free usage of monitoring software **noyesno

Problem Solving

Scheduled remote supportyesyesyes

Communication Channel

Support Ticketyesyesyes
+49 ____
Dedicated support engineernoyesyes
Direct email communicationnoyesno

* Ahsay's office hours are from 0900 to 1800 (GMT +8) Monday to Friday and Hong Kong business days.
** Use of Zabbix monitoring tool.
# Premium Service Annual Fee = Valid maintenance + Premium Service Fee variable based on the valid license, minimum US$1,200/year (or US$100/month), capped at maximum US$9,600/year. For 100% meter customers, we will make offer based on average consumption. Please contact us to work out the details of the offer. Please contact our Sales for quotation.